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shattered. it was the size of a large bus traveling at least 33 miles per hour. some fragments fell to the ground. but it's unclear if they hit anyone. the meteor came without warning, stunning a canadian hockey player, now living in russia. >> i hear this loud bang! i live in a 24-story building on the 23rd floor and i looked up and the lights are shaking. i hear car alarms going off. it was just incredible. >> reporter: a zinc factory was badly damaged with a roof and wall collapse. meteor strikes with such a large impact are rare. edward lawrence for cbs news, los angeles. >> some scientists say the meteor over russia had nothing to do with the massive asteroid that came close to earth about a half hour ago. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran is in our newsroom and cate, i guess some don't agree. right? >> reporter: that's right, frank. the asteroid though as you said passed by earth a little over half hour ago and nasa says it's the closest one of its kind to approach our planet. we did a little digging to get
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more information on it. it's known as 2012-d.a. 14. the asteroid is 150 feet and destined for earth's backyard. experts say this is not to be confused with russia's meteor. >> the european space agency has run the videotape backwards tracing the trajectory of this object and it doesn't seem to have a direct relationship between d.a.-14. >> reporter: before you start recalling 1998's film "armageddon," think again. it's not going to impact earth. >> we can say with great confidence there is no chance of it hitting the earth. >> reporter: as far as asteroids go, this is a little one. the one that wiped out dinosaurs was six miles across. nasa says the asteroid will miss us by 17,200 miles. to put that in perspective, that's closer than the television satellites beaming your signal right now. researchers hope this asteroid can help them learn how to
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avoid collisions with larger ones, which could destroy the earth. >> we'll get much better data as it comes by. >> reporter: astronomers identified 1400 potentially hazardous asteroids which is just 10% of the most dangerous asteroids out there. live in the newsroom, cate caugiran, kpix 5. olympic sprinter oscar pistorius sobbed in court today as murder charges were read against him. the double amputee known as "the blade runner" is accused in the death of his girlfriend, 30-year-old reeva steenkamp. she was found shot to death inside pistorius's home yesterday. in a statement, he disputes he murdered her in, quote, the strongest terms. however, prosecutors are expected to file additional charges including premeditated murder. the san bernardino county coroner has positively identified the remains of christopher dorner, the ex-los angeles police officer linked to four southern california murders. the id was made official
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yesterday with the help of dental records. law enforcement cornered him in big bear on tuesday. the cabin caught fire. in an hour a south bay man will face charges for allegedly threatening to kill a state senator as the bomb squad goes through his santa clara home for the fourth day. anne makovec reports from the house where investigators are making progress. >> reporter: yes. but they still have more searching to do. considering all the dangerous materials that have already been found in this home on humboldt avenue, they have blocked off the street and put tarps over the house and have a bomb truck standing by. so far authorities say they have gone through about 80% of the house. >> long past few days, and i'm really hoping that we can finish it up today and go home to our families. >> reporter: if they don't find any more bombs. they have already found a handful of destructive devices and a lot of materials that could be used to make bombs
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including jugs of liquid chemicals. the specialized containment truck is here to take away any completed devices they might find so they can blow them up off site. >> the number one thing to do is identify it to let the neighbors know, hey, do we need to have the evacuators shelter in place? safety is our number one concern. >> reporter: the bomb squad already blew up bomb makings in the front yard. this is the home of 45-year-old everett basham, who will appear in court at 1:30 p.m. accused of sending death threats to state senator leland yee. he is facing possible charges of threatening a public official and various crimes related to the explosives and firearms. some of these chemicals require registration with the department of homeland security. but ways to get around the rules are readily available on the internet. so how did basham get them? >> i was asking myself the same question. i was in this before. read about it. but yeah, it's a great question. you know, the big question too
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is that we're here to answer is, you know, are they going to be here when they're done? the answer is no. >> the other question he didn't kill anybody. so will the charges that are now against him be enough to keep a man who could be a real potential threat to society off the streets for very long? that's the question for the justice system. and that process starts again at 1:30 this afternoon. live in santa clara, anne makovec, kpix 5. >> senator yee sat down with kpix 5 yesterday talking about the email threat he received allegedly from everett basham. when you start reading the email, it really outlines step by step as to how they were going to stalk you, how they were going to then put a gun on their site and at you and then how they were going to pull the trigger and blow you away. >> he says the threat came in
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response to his gun control bill. the bill calls for a ban on the so-called bullet button a state senate committee expected to hold a hearing on that bill in the next few weeks. president obama presented the nation's second highest civilian honor to 6 teachers killed at sandy hook elementary school. the women were among 18 given the presidential citizens medal during a ceremony at the white house this morning. >> they gave their lives to protect the precious children in their care. they gave all they had for the most innocent and helpless among us. >> earlier this week in his state of the union address, the president called on congress to vote on new gun legislation in the memory of victims of gun violence. that carnival cruise ship triumph is finally towed to a repair yard. >> while passengers finally return home. >> roses are red, violates are blue, use a red bag when you do number 2. >> still ahead the horror stories come to life with
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pictures and videos of what it was really like on board that ship. >> and it's the leading indicator of heart disease in men. the surprising symptom you may not be looking for coming your way. >> doesn't look like a record- breaker today. we'll see plenty of sunshine and warm temperatures. does it last throughout the weekend? we'll talk about that coming up.
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ship "triumph" finally stepped foot on solid ground last night.. after five days sea, passengers of that carnival cruise ship finally stepped food on solid ground last night. most have harrowing stories of deplorable conditions. cbs reporter randall pinkston is in mobile, alabama with the story. >> reporter: tugboats moved the carnival triumph to a shipyard this morning. they are looking into the cause of the fire and the extent of
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the damage. it's unclear where the repairs and clean-up will be done. now of passengers erupted into cheers as the ship finally docked last night. they showed video and photos of the squalid conditions they endured, sewage-soaked floors, plastic bags as toilets, tent camps on deck. nicole brown of dallas has a bed sheet that hundreds of bedsheets that fellow passengers signed. robert burgess kept one of the bags as a memento and a mug. >> the total staff capacity was 1100 plus passengers, it doesn't make it to 4200. >> reporter: the u.s. coast guard with the assistant of the national transportation safety board is leading the u.s. part of the investigation but final decisions about the cause of the blaze and the repairs that are necessary will be made by the bahamas because that's
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where the ship is registered. carnival is offering $500 cash, a full refund and discounts on future cruises. >> they can have whatever they offering us, they can actually keep it. i'll take it and frame it. >> reporter: some passengers went on buses to texas and louisiana. a bus headed for new orleans broke down. in mobile, alabama i'm randall pinkston kpix 5. >> a wee bit of poetry there. carnival canceled the next 12 cruises. the company commits the ship had mechanical problems weeks before the engine fire. i'm sure a lot of people will be turned off on cruises. >> not just the people on that cruise. people about to take a cruise are thinking, eh, maybe not. make a "stay-cation" is in order or -- i have been on a cruise before. it was fantastic. of course, my ship didn't break down. >> you had a bathroom. >> and we had a bathroom. >> and they fed you. >> they were passing out bags. you know. [ laughter ] >> we had a great time. i love cruises. folks around the bay area today, lots of sunshine out
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there, the temperatures now are warming up a bit. numbers well they are heating up in a hurry as high pressure is sitting overhead. looks like it will be that way at least through the first part of the weekend. and then things begin to shift gears again. 63 degrees right now in concord. 67 in san francisco. 67 also in san jose. and 62 degrees in santa rosa. now looks like as we head throughout the afternoon plenty of sunshine all the way to the coastline. mostly clear tonight with those offshore winds. and it looks like it's going to be a dry weekend but probably not quite as warm especially into sunday. that's when we are likely going to see a sea breeze pick up once again and temperatures will drop off. temperatures in the low to mid- 60s this time of year. nine degrees above average in san francisco and about 69, 73 in san jose and about 70 in santa rosa so you get the idea working on a great day ahead. this is probably the peak of the heat as the high pressure is overhead. that's when these temperatures start to warm up. it will be a very nice day
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today and a mild weekend indeed. warm temperatures all around the bay area. even out at the coastline. today looking very nice outside. the temperatures expected to pop up as high as 37 degrees in san jose. about 68 in half moon bay. 70 in hayward. east bay temperatures looking very nice, as well. let's plan on 69 in livermore, 70 in the napa valley, and about 70 in pleasant hill, too. as you head inside the bay we'll find sunshine, 71 in oakland. 69 degrees in san francisco and 70 in santa rosa. overnight lows still going to be chilly in some of the interior valleys, about 38 degrees in santa rosa but that offshore wind will keep the air well mixed so probably 50s at the coastline in pacifica and fairly mild. so overlooking the next couple of days, we are going to see plenty of sunshine coming our way temperatures begin to cool into sunday we'll see a few more clouds. so enjoy it. we have some changes comin by monday. chance of rain tuesday, unsettled, wet wednesday and maybe another storm on thursday so enjoy the sunshine while we have it. >> i like the sunshine on a
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weekend. >> beautiful. >> 70, 73? nice, lawrence. >> thank you. how about roberta gonzales where is she? she is out and about in the kpix 5 mobile weather lab. roberta? >> reporter: yes, we are. we're here in the hills of oakland. elevation is roughly about 1500 feet here. we are at chabot space and science center. this is officially alameda county but where that green fence is, that becomes contra costa county. now, up here in the hills it's a little more on the breezy side. in fact, according to our weather master with mobile weather, the winds have been blowing up to 13 miles per hour. the air temperature now is at 61 degrees. now, we are here to speak with astronomer gerald mckee began here at chabot space and science center because earlier in our newscast, we were talking about the difference between a meteorite and asteroid and maybe you can reiterate that for the people at home. >> a meteor is when a space rock comes into our atmosphere. if it just passes through the atmosphere and burns up in the atmosphere, we call it a
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meteor. if it hits the ground we call it a meteorite. an asteroid is a space rock that's out in space orbiting around the sun and doesn't enter the atmosphere. >> reporter: asteroid is orbiting the earth right now? >> it's orbiting the sun and passed close to the earth at 11:25 this morning and it's continuing in its orbit around the sun. it was a meteorite that hit in russia last night. >> reporter: i'm very curious. with this kind of asteroid that is coming so close to earth, albeit now traveling away from earth, can it indeed affect the weather? >> well, this one won't affect the weather. if something like this would actually had the the earth, asteroid this size, it's about 150, 200 feet across, then it could affect locally the weather. if a much larger one hit the earth it could affect the weather globally? >> reporter: in what form? >> throw dust up in the air and debris up into the air and
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then it shades the sun, lowers the temperature, so that could have a global effect if it were big enough. >> reporter: big viewing party tonight at 7:00? >> yes. we'll have our telescopes open here. we'll be pointing at the asteroid and follow it as it moves away from the earth back around the sun. >> reporter: i'm one that's very interested in this tonight. i hope you are too. for more information, it's and you'll find all you need to know right there on our homepage. reporting from chabot science and space center in oakland, roberta gonzales, with mobile weather, kpix 5. we have even more space news now. nasa says it may have spotted the galaxy's newest black hole. this is it. the aftermath of supernova w49b. beautiful. most supernovas explode leaving behind a neutron star but in this case, it looks like it left a black hole. from earth, it's about 1,000 years old but it happened 26,000 light-years away so the image we are seeing now
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happened 27,000 years ago. there you go. but in space time that's reese. a surprising study reveals the role alcohol can play in cancer coming up.
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[ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week. or how to keep from driving all over for the best deals. you don't need to run around. safeway gives you real big club card deals each week. right now, tide is $5.49 for 50 ounces. that's under 20 cents a load! skip the warehouse. charmin is $8.99 for 16 double rolls. and chobani greek yogurt is just a buck. real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life. experts say its a problem at least 30 million men in the in today's healthwatch, an early warning sign of heart disease in men may surprise you. experts say at least 30 million
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men in the united states experience it but most they don't want to talk about it. >> i would say that erectile dysfunction is the canary in the coal mine. when men began to have erectile dysfunction, it's a sign that there's more widespread disease and not just for the heart but throughout all the blood vessels in the body. >> apparently with the heart disease, plaque builds up in the blood vessels that lead to the heart and limits the amount of blood that passes through them. erectile dysfunction can be an early indication of that. see your heart doctor before the problem becomes more cirrus. alcohol causes 20,000 can deaths in the u.s. each year. 1 1/2 drinks a day is linked to 30% of all cancer deaths. breast cancer is the most common type of cancer death in women related to alcohol. for men it's cancers of the mouth, throat and esophagus. time for lunch now. tony and stephanie are in the
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kitchen today with the recipe the entire family is sure to love. >> we have a zucchini here and we want to make spaghetti. >> peel it or cut it julienne style. >> which we're doing right here am we already filled the bowl up. look how beautiful this is. and it's nice and clean this way. but you got a certain recipe to make it better. we have the zucchini. then we put in diced roma tomatoes. and i'll start tossing. >> what else? >> then put some chickpeas. lemon juice is going to coat the zucchini so it doesn't turn brown and it's going to help because they are putting in raw garlic. >> you want the garlic raw in this? >> yes. everything is raw in this. a little bit of olive oil. >> finally i talked her into olive oil! >> and basil which we are going to rip to get the oils
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out. very simple to make. and delicious. look at that. we'll clean it up a little bit because we are going to eat it anyway. thank you, bella. look at this! i have to work on the spoon part. >> a messy kitchen is a good kitchen. >> they're a good team. >> when we come back, the winners are crowned in the world's longest kiss competition. >> how long they locked lips to beat the world record. we'll tell you coming up.
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the dating scam targeting women ountry, including mr. perfect turned out to be too good to be true. the dating scam targeting women across the country including right here in the bay area. that's all coming up at 5:00. >> finally a thai couple broke the world record for the lodgest kiss. the couple locked lips for a full 58 hours, 35 minutes. >> how is that snob. >> they did it. >> their lips had to be tucked in for the entire time. 58 hours. >> no fun. >> the winners took home cash an diamond rings worth $6,500. i guess it was worth it. >> $65,000? >> $65,000. >> she didn't look like she was enjoying herself. >> i would have got a divorce. [ laughter ] captions by: caption colorado
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>> steffy: [ sighs ] hey. >> liam: how are you? >> steffy: i'm fine. i understand why you need space. >> liam: i appreciate that. >> steffy: you're lucky to have me. maybe you'll remember that when
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you're ready to decide who you want to be with. >> hope: okay. [ chuckles ] >> fontana: i believe that in english, we have a saying -- “if a person not succeeding then you must try, try again.” well, i believe that you are the excellent example of just how true that is. `cause today, from two, you're becoming one...forever. >> carter: man, all this cheating, man. i don't like playing with you. >> marcus: whoa, cheating? dude, where do you get... >> dayzee: well, look who's returned. who won? >> carter: we don't need to talk

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